What do we do?

Below are just some of the items we do at straight healthcare


We at Straight Healthcare offer concierge medical services to fit both your personal lifestyle and your unique medical needs. Our passion is to serve each of our patients in a way that meets their schedule and their needs. Find out how Straight Healthcare can help you with your health and wellness today!

We offer preferred appointment availability as well as extended appointment times with appointments with minimal or no wait. We can accommodate same day or next day appointments in most cases too. This offers you an almost 24/7 medical care service keeping your health a priority to us.

Our convenient services at Straight Healthcare can even assist you when you need help with your health when traveling. We offer vaccinations, in-office lab testing, blood work and other services right in our office.


Support center

Our team can support you in any way. We are available 24/7 for any of your medical questions or concerns. Our personalized approach to medicine we hope will keep your mind at ease when it comes to managing or treating a variety of illness or medical conditions.

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Our forum offers helpful information that will aid you in understanding our service, how to use our 24/7 support as well as provides other helpful medical information.


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Our professional team at Straight Healthcare is ready and willing to serve you. We are available with any question regarding our service. Contact us today to get started with a personalized medical service tailored especially for you!

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