Designed For You

Healthcare should be personalized for you, your family or your business. We at Straight Healthcare offer an individualized approach to you while providing comprehensive care and preventive services. When you choose us, you will enjoy 24/7 access to our doctors via your preferred method of contact whether phone, text, email, or even webcam.


No Hidden Costs

Remember that medical costs don’t have to put you into debt. At Straight Healthcare, all of our plans are affordable and there are never any surprises or added fees. With us, you won’t have any co-pays, restrictions, or denials. Our service plans offer patients a savings of at least 40-60% in healthcare costs annually. We like to think we are the super heroes of your health…and your wallet.


Comprehensive Healthcare

Straight Healthcare provides comprehensive diagnostic testing included in your annual check-ups. From here, you and your doctor collaborate to come up with actionable steps in order to optimize your wellness. This approach to preventative care leads to fewer sicknesses and a lower risk of developing costly and stressful medical conditions or illnesses in the future. With this approach to your health, you are involved in making your own medical and financial choices.


What is Straight Healthcare?

The hallmark of Straight Healthcare is the adequate time that is spent between a patient and a physician. This creates a powerful doctor-patient relationship. Supported by unfettered access to care, Straight Healthcare offers an open path to communication with one’s physicians and little to no wait times for appointments. Our Straight Healthcare practices have extended hours, ready access to urgent care, and patient panel sizes small enough to support this commitment to service we believe in.
Some other things you can expect from Straight Healthcare include:

  • Adequate time with physician
  • Positive Interactions
  • Frequent Discussions
  • 24 hour access
  • Urgent Care
  • Commitment to Service

Patients in Straight Healthcare choose their own personal physician and are reactive partners in their healthcare. Empowered by accurate information at the point of care, patients are fully involved in making their own medical and financial choices. Straight Healthcare patients have the right to transparent pricing, access, and availability of all services provided.

  • Personal Physician
  • Reactive Partners
  • Make your own decision
  • Financial Choices
  • All services provided
  • Supportive consultations

Straight Healthcare eliminates undesired fee-for-service(FFS) incentives in primary care. These incentives distort healthcare decision-making by rewarding volume over value. This undermines the trust that supports the patient-provider relationship and rewards expensive and inappropriate testing, referral, and treatment. Straight Healthcare replaces FFS with a simple flat monthly fee that covers comprehensive primary care services. Fees must be adequate to allow for appropriately sized patient panels to support this level of care so that Straight Healthcare providers can resist the numerous other financial incentives that distort care decisions and endanger the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Flat Monthly Fee
  • Increased Trust
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Simple decision making

Straight Healthcare providers are committed advocates for patients within the healthcare system. They have time to make informed, appropriate referrals and support patient needs when they are outside of primary care. Straight Healthcare providers accept the responsibility to be available to patients serving as patient guides. No matter where patients are in the system, physicians provide them with information about the quality, cost, and patient experience of care.

  • Advocates for patients
  • Appropriate Referrals
  • Patient Guided
  • Detailed physician information